Managing your retirement plan with it's trust assets can be a daunting tasks what with new regulations, compliance testing, reporting forms,changing markets, audits etc. A professional consultant can simplify many of these tasks so you're only worry is when and where to retire.


MJ Consulting Group, Inc. is the successor corporation to a firm that was started in Los Angeles in 1977. Clients come from

virtually all business groups with particular emphasis in the professions. The President, Michael A. Jones, ERPA is enrolled to

practice before the Internal Revenue Service as a Retirement Plan Agent and has been involved in the Employee

Benefits/Retirement field since 1967.

The operation of a "Qualified Retirement Plan" can be broken down into two distinct areas. The first Is the Plan Administration

which comprises all regulatory, administration and reporting activities or simply put the "Paper'. The second area is Trust

Administration which comprises all activities associated with the management of the qualified trust assets or again simply

put the "Money".

Through our business model which involves selected Strategic Partnerships, we endeavor to provide a coordinated one-stop

platform where a client can receive all the consulting assistance necessary to successfully operate their Qualified Retirement


We can be reached at 4500 Williams Drive, Ste 212 PMB 335, Georgetown, TX 78633. Phone: (626)356-9996,

Fax: (626)768-0395, Email: mjgroup at