(1) NEW PLAN DESIGN/ANALYSIS - Perform a comprehensive analysis of new plan requirements and prepare plan design parameters

which best meet the Employer's requirements.

(2) NEW PLAN INSTALLATION - Preparation of all plan documents and appropriate submissions for regulatory agencies.

(3) EXISTING PLAN TAKEOVER - Review existing documentation and reporting to determine if the plan meets the Employer's needs, is

being operated in accordance with current plan provisions as well as conforming to all applicable IRS, DOL and other regulatory requirements.

Establish record keeping systems as required.

(4) EXISTING PLAN AMENDMENTS/RESTATEMENTS - Amend/Restate the entire plan as required to conform to regulatory changes.

(5) ANNUAL PLAN ADMINISTRATION - Determine eligibility for Plan participation and benefits, determine contribution levels, maintain

required records, prepare annual participant statements, prepare all required regulatory reporting, conduct required testing, prepare required documentation for terminating/retiring participant and perform other administrative services as required to ensure correct Plan operation.

(6) PLAN TERMINATION - Prepare complete documentation and reporting necessary for the dissolution of the Plan and Trust.

(7) MISCELLANEOUS - Additional services are available including but not limited to plan amendments, special actuarial studies, interim

asset valuations, plan audits, etc.


(1) ANNUAL TRUST ADMINISTRATION - Reconcile the trust assets with prior years to ensure continuity, establish earnings/loss amounts,

review asset valuations, ensure proper titling of trust assets, ensure compliance with ERISA rules regarding prohibited transactions etc. Trust

reconciliation is required for each trust prior to any actuarial valuation/certification (as required) or Annual Plan Administration Services.

(2) INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENTS (IPS)- Preparation and implementation of an IPS to support plan objectives and meet reporting

requirements as required. Review at least annually.

(3) TRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT - Provide services to implement the requirements of the IPS and changing market conditions. The

preparation of IPS's and Trust Asset Management are provided through the facilities of Mass Mutual Trust  

(4) ERISA/PENSION BONDS - Provide services to determine qualified/non-qualified asset values and ensure compliance with current

bonding regulations.


The MJGroup Virtual Office is a well organized & easy to use file management platform. Through it you can upload and store Qualified

Retirement Plan documents, which can be accessed 24/7 through any Internet source. Additionally there are provisions that allow a client to

authorize any professional advisor to also have access to their files. There is also a secure "Notes" communication capability that allows

clients and advisors to exchange sensitive information.

The MJ Group Virtual Office operates on a secure platform provided by FamilyOfficeNetwork® who is committed to ensuring the security

of information by using the latest Internet 256-SSL Encrypted Enhanced Security technology.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is the scrambling of data into a code that is unreadable to anyone who does not have the key that deciphers it. With the MJGroup
Virtual Office all your account information is protected by 256-bit encryption to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

Why is Encryption Effective?

Encryption works by turning your data into a scrambled code. The longer the code, the harder it is to break. The 256-bit encryption technology
creates a code that is many times longer than the typical 40-bit encryption or the industry standard 128-bit. Comparing 256-bit security with
40-bit security is like comparing a combination lock that requires a hundred numbers to open to a combination lock that requires only three
numbers to open.

Passwords and Other Security Measures:

Another security measure is your Password. Every time you Log On to the MJGroup Virtual Office you will be required to enter your User ID
and Password. You control your Password, and can change it at any time. To keep your information secure, you should not reveal your
Password to anyone, including the MJGroup Virtual Office or FamilyOfficeworkNetwork® employees.

Please save or memorize your User ID and Password and keep them in a secure location. Once you have completed the Sign Up process,

you may change your Password at any time. To maintain the security of your account information, we recommend that you change your

Password periodically.